Summer Camp on

Internet of things


Unmanned Aerial Vehicle

1-10 June, 2018


Indian Institute of Information Technology, Allahabad

Take away your free Kit of worth Rs 4000

Few words about the Summer Camp on IoT and UAVs

Summer Camp is a training and internship program specially made for School and College students, The course will be on “Internet of Things and UAVs” and conducted in 10 days for 30 Hours, where Students can learn basics of IoT and UAVs in practical ways by fabricating various innovative project and Drones during the summer camp.

This program is designed to provide direct communication with the experienced persons of engineering and entrepreneurship field for motivation, courage and some sort of career related discussions along with very interesting interface of Internet of Things and UAVs project design process. In this we deal about some basics on Internet of Things and UAVs to induce students with knowledge, skills and practices which enable them to fabricate some project of their own choice. The workshop for 10 Days (3 hour per day), during this, sharp minds got involved in project fabrication with full time availability of experienced persons of these fields. IoT Kit, Participation certificate, Project Certificate mentioning the Grade Score and Prizes will be given to the participants.

The summer camp is organinsing by the two startups Antrax Labs, PS-1925 in Association with Indian Institute of Information Technology Allahabad

9th to 12th Grade School Students, Engineering Students, Budding Eentrentrepreneur and anyone who wants to learn the basics of IoT and UAVs Designing.

Registration charges for attending the summer camp will be Rs 10000 per person.

For School students: Rs 6000

A Kit worth Rs. 4000 will be given free to all participants.

All participants will get the certificate of training and internship.

Right from  zero level to advanced level

10-Days comprehensive  hands-on training

Hands-on experience on two advanced technologies giving you head start in IoT and UAV/ Drones Designing

2 Days Hackathon

Apply your learnings and build your own IoT product or UAV
Prizes worth Rs. 20,000

For Whom?

Everyone who is willing to learn IoT or make their own UAV.
School Students, College Students, Budding Entrepreneurs, etc


Dr. V K Chaurasiya

Associate Professor(IT), IIIT-A

Dr. Suneel Yadav

Assistant Professor(ECE), IIIT-A

Arqum Ahmad

Co-founder & CEO, Antrax Labs

Paawan Kumar

Co-founder & CEO, PS-1925

Ishita Bansal

Co-founder & CTO, Antrax Labs

Shefali Ramteke

Co-founder & CTO, PS-1925


Indian Institute of Information Technology, Allahabad

IIIT Allahabad is a center of excellence in Information Technology and allied areas established by MHRD, GoI in the year 1999. The Institute has been conceived with the ambitious objectives of developing professional expertise and skilled manpower in Information Technology (IT) and related areas. As an apex nucleating institute in the area of IT, IIIT A is working towards strengthening the indigenous capability necessary for exploiting profitably and harnessing multi-dimensional facets of IT at all levels, and attaining expertise to enable the country to emerge as a leading player in the global arena.

Antrax Labs

ANTRAX Labs is an IoT based Research and Development company. The company is developing the best in class Smart Home Devices and Industrial IoT Platform. Also working on associating the IoT to the Block-chain Network. The company has been awarded as in Top 25 Start-ups in Uttar Pradesh by Startup India Up- Chapter 2017 and Awarded as Top-3000 in Smart-50 by IIM-Calcutta.


PS-1925 is a drone manufacturer that designs flying Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs) based on the application desired. The company’s sole motto is to bring in drone technology into India on the principles of Make in India - manufactured, designed and developed in India itself. The project is supported by Department of Science and Technology, MHRD, India.Company was invited to the Festival of Innovation and Entrepreneurship (FINE) 2018 for demonstration of drone prototype ‘PS-1925’ to the honourable President and First Lady at President House, New Delhi. We also demonstrated our work at India International Science Festival (IISF) 2017 held at Chennai for demonstrating IIIT-Allahabad’s first drone “PS-1925” to honourable Dr. Harsh Vardhan, Minister of Science & Technology Powered by Design Innovation Centre (DIC), Ministry of Human Resource Development (MHRD).

Workshop Schedules

Day Chapter Details
01 Introduction to IoT & UAV
  • Understanding the IoT landscape
  • What’s the underlying architecture in IoT applications, Smart Systems and UAV?
  • What’s the pathway to make a product?
  • Introduction to Rotary-wing aircraft
  • Introduction to design and development of Multi Rotor Vehicles
  • What is Internet of Drones
02 Hardware Platforms
  • How to get started with any Development board?
  • Getting familiarized with Arduino, Raspberry Pi, ESP and 10+ dev boards.
03 IoT Software
  • Working with different programming languages & Operating Systems for IoT applications.
04 Sensors and Actuators
  • How to capture and process data from different types of sensors?
  • How to choose a right sensor/actuator for your IoT product?
  • Learning about the working of accelerometer sensors, gyroscopes and controllers of UAV.
05 Wireless communication technologies
  • How to work with wireless technologies like Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, Zigbee etc.
  • How LPWANs like LoRA, NB-IoT, 6LoWPAN are enabling IoT?
  • How to choose the right wireless technology for your IoT product?
06-07 Design your own prototype
  • How are PCBs designed and manufactured?
  • How to work with EDA tools and build your own, custom PCB?
  • Understanding the Electronics circuitry involved in UAV
08 Monetizing the IoT
  • How to determine the market fit of your IoT product?
  • How to build a scalable IoT Business?
09-10 Graded Project
  • 2-day apply your learnings and Make some amazing Things from Scratch.
  • Showcase your product to an elite community of mentors.
  • Competition of Best Design and Fabrication Award of Drone.
  • Competition of best IoT Prototype.
  • Prizes worth Rs. 20,000 & Offer to work with Antrax Labs and PS-1925

last date for registration

May 30, 2018


Rs 10,000/ Individual

Rs 30,000/ Group(4)


Discount till 25th May 2018

Rs 5,000/ Individual

Rs 15,000/ Group(4)



HOSTEL: Rs 200/Day

FOOD: Rs. 120/Day

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Indian Institute of Information Technology, Jhalwa, Devghat, Allahabad-211015

+91 989 713 8035
+91 873 707 0086

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